Consorteum Holdings Inc. has been successful largely because of its unique competitive strengths. It’s these strengths that have allowed the company to come up with innovative solutions in a crowded marketplace, evaluate and execute opportunities efficiently and quickly, and keep costs in line from initial development to final implementation.

First of all, Consorteum is singularly focused on repeat-transaction oriented processing solutions in the card, payment, and transaction processing industry. This approach results in solutions that are of long term benefit for both the user and Consorteum. In addition, there is a strong management commitment to minimum revenue contribution for each initiative deployed, helping to ensure the financial stability of the company. Finally, the company has a culture of success that calls for 100% customer satisfaction, meaning that Consorteum never takes its eye off the marketplace, and what it needs to do to succeed there.

Consorteum’s management team and industry contacts represent a rich history of experience and expertise that allow it to perform comprehensive due diligence on all projects in the most timely manner. As a result, every approved initiative has the immediate and full support of the whole team, encouraging a dedicated push to achieve the final goal.

The company also makes a point of retaining full operational control of all initiatives, both during and after deployment. This helps ensure that the Consorteum’s very high standards in market execution are maintained, and that every project is completed in a consistent and dependable manner. At the same time, Consorteum is uniquely positioned to oversee and manage projects without always having to be directly involved in day-to-day operations, thus reducing costs.

Consorteum’s extensive and targeted experience in transaction processing, management, and deployment gives them a leading edge in spotting market needs before anyone else, and then aggressively meeting those needs in the best possible way. This is also due to Consorteum’s relative independence from any single partner, resource, or technology provider, which allows the company to engage the best resources and develop the best solutions, without limitations.

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