Consorteum Holdings Inc., the Canadian based payment and transaction processing solutions company, knows the benefits of loyalty programs.

A good loyalty program promotes a strong and continuing relationship between a business and their customers, encouraging customers to buy frequently, increase the size of their transactions, and, most importantly, stick with that brand. This is usually done by offering benefits to the customer, such as redeemable points, which can only be used with that business. The benefits are usually focused on the number of transactions, to encourage return visits and brand loyalty.

To the business, loyalty programs provide an effective way to maintain and grow their customer base, while increasing the value of each customer. In some cases, a good loyalty program will even create a sense of exclusivity in the consumer, a club type environment that has special value to the customer.

Consorteum, known for its ability to provide clients with creative payment and transaction processing solutions, sees loyalty programs as a natural outgrowth of its own technologies. The company recently announced an agreement with FideliSoft, a software company providing point-of-sale loyalty point redemption capability, to support Consorteum’s My Golf Rewards program, a sophisticated loyalty program created for the North American golfing industry.

My Golf Rewards, a joint venture partnership company put together with Innovative Loyalty Solutions and Score Golf Magazine, is designed to help golf courses generate new revenue, solidifying and expanding relationships with current members, while drawing in new members. Participating courses give out My Golf Rewards membership cards to interested golfers, who can then use them to gain discounts and other rewards at the course. The golfers gain points by using the course’s services or making purchases at associated retail operations. The points can then be redeemed for rounds of golf or other things.

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