Consorteum Holdings, Inc. announced today that My Golf Rewards Canada Inc., the company’s majority owned subsidiary, will immediately implement its loyalty and rewards program with the North American golf industry.

Following extensive testing, development, and planning, My Golf Rewards has commenced the initial commercial deployment of its loyalty and rewards program into the golf industry across Ontario, Canada. Over the coming year, the program will be further expanded throughout the United States and the rest of Canada.

Quent Rickerby, President & COO of Consorteum Holdings, Inc., stated, “The My Golf Rewards program is the culmination of several years of planning and development with our joint venture partner and technology provider to create a truly unique and beneficial solution to the golfing industry.”

The My Golf Rewards program will help golf courses recognize increased revenue potential, while establishing direct long-term relationships with their members. Those enrolled will receive ongoing rewards and savings based on loyalty to any participating golf course. Currently, there are more than 26.0 Million golf players in the United States and 5.95 Million golfers in Canada.

Bill Mathews, President of My Golf Rewards, commented, “The program will eliminate the traditional discounting practices within the golf industry and provide a solution that rewards the members to increase spending within the golf course.”

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