Consorteum Holdings Inc. identifies new technologies and trends in the market place to boost revenues in existing markets, enter into new markets, and efficiently deliver unique products and services to those marketplaces.

The company recently announced the launch of its consumer stored value rebate card, as part of its rebate program that offers manufacturers and retailers a new way to process mail-in rebates while decreasing overhead expenses and maintaining consumer loyalty.

Consorteum said it plans on working directly with those manufactures and retailers to reduce administration costs involved with the rebate program. Its plan allows for additional revenue and cost-saving opportunities through unspent funds that are still on the card after its expiration date.
Quent Rickerby, president and COO of Consorteum said the program will benefit consumers as well as retailers.

“This new program will significantly reduce the costs of managing mail-in rebates. The process of mailing checks to consumers continues to be very expensive and only provides for a one-time interaction with the recipient. With this new program, the consumer receives a co-branded gift card that can be used at any merchant accepting credit cards,” Rickerby stated in the press release. “By providing a co-branded gift card, the manufacturer or retailer has the ability to increase and reinforce their marketing brand every time the card is used. The card also provides the consumer with a choice of where they want to spend their rebate.”

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