Consorteum Holdings, Inc., specializing in payment and transaction processing as well as financial services, is one of the few new companies out there providing a strong potential for superior returns along with minimal risks. There are a number of good reasons behind this and why their current successful initiatives will most likely continue to be repeated.

• Consorteum has a significant pipeline of contracts, all of which stand to contribute ongoing residual income for the company, including three major international projects. These projects are based upon operational, product, and geographic diversity, all of which significantly mitigates risks.
• Consorteum utilizes a sophisticated and proven business model for project origination, acquisition, development, management, and deployment, with the promise of residual income and limited drain on the company’s own capital being key elements.
• Consorteum’s management and consultant team, with over 100 years of combined experience in transaction management, has a strong track record of successfully completing projects that produce continuing cash flow.
• Consorteum has established strong relationships with a wide range of key industry experts, providing the company the ability to develop and offer the most creative and efficient payment and transaction processing solutions.

Consorteum works with a multitude of global technologies which enable them to create inspired customized programs for their clients. This approach provides them with unencumbered flexibility when sourcing solutions, which in turn results in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing, and the potential for new revenues.

It’s this well-laid foundation that has allowed Consorteum to be recognized as offering better products, at more competitive prices, than its competitors. The company’s initiatives are designed to encourage repeat spending and residual income for its clients, while ensuring continued growth for Consorteum. Their well thought out growth strategy also means more potential, and security, for shareholders.

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