Consorteum Holdings, Inc. is a company in a great position to bring together clients and customers, a service more needed now than perhaps ever before. Consorteum uses sophisticated card technologies to develop loyalty programs and other customer motivators that help its clients bring in new customers and keep existing customers. Its solutions can be applied to virtually any consumer oriented industry, and can make a major difference to a client’s bottom line.

The company’s latest move is called My Golf Rewards, actually a joint venture partnership company put together with Innovative Loyalty Solutions and Score Golf Magazine. The new company is set up to provide loyalty and retention programs for member golf courses, first in Canada and then throughout North America and beyond. Participating golf courses give out My Golf Rewards membership cards to interested golfers, who can then use them to gain discounts and other rewards. The program attracts new golfers, and helps hold on to current members, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in additional annual revenue for participating golf courses.

The mechanics of the system is fairly simple, and easier to manage and track than complex discount programs. As golf services are used, loyalty dollars/points are credited to a golfer’s loyalty account via the card. The points can be redeemed for another round of golf or related services. The golfer is motivated to be more active, while the golf course gains value in two ways:

• Retail operations at the course have the option to give additional discounts and money back to the card whenever a golfer spends money at the store, encouraging golfers to spend more at the store.
• Cards can be used to track and collect data on golfer spending habits, which can later be used for individually targeted marketing campaigns.

The system is easy for golf courses to get into and use, with a flexible software interface that supports significant scale up with minimal costs. It also allows the industry to grow from the inside, benefitting both golf courses and users.

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