Consorteum Holdings Inc. is a global solutions provider for the financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The company uses its expertise to provide a customizable “right” solution for each and every specific need. One such area where Consorteum provides solutions is in the card market – including payroll, gift and loyalty cards. Here is a brief overview of each type of card the company provides to its clients:

Payroll Cards – Payroll cards provide employees with immediate access to their payroll funds no matter where they may be located. Each pay period, the employee’s funds are automatically deposited into their individual card account by their employer rather than mailing out a paper check. Cardholders can use their cards to obtain cash and pay for purchases. Payroll cards are an ideal solution for temporary workers, students and employees who work remotely.

Re-Loadable Prepaid Cards – Re-loadable prepaid cards are designed for people looking for multiple use functionality from their card. Stored value cards are safer than cash and reduce risk for purchases made online or over the phone. Many retailers offer re-loadable cards as a convenient way for their repeat customers to pay for products and services, while maintaining brand loyalty. Based on the specific program, these cards can be reloaded at selected retail locations, online or at the bank.

Non-Reloadable Gift Cards – Non-reloadable gift cards frequently have a pre-set denomination value and are designed as a one-time use card. These cards are traditionally designed for use at specific retail chains or alternatively as gift cards that can be used at any merchant that accepts major credit cards.

Benefit Cards – Prepaid benefit cards have been developed so that federal, state, municipal and provincial governments can deposit social assistance payments directly onto a prepaid card instead of issuing millions of manual checks to recipients. Healthcare benefit cards are designed to be loaded with a monetary value by healthcare benefit suppliers. Cost effective and re-loadable, these cards give their clients increased control over their own benefit expenses.

Rebate Cards – Rebate cards are similar to non-reloadable retailer gift cards. The card is issued to the mail-in rebate recipient rather than a traditional paper check. The rebate card enables the recipient to use their rebate monies at almost any retail location, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Cards – Loyalty establishes a critical relationship between the individual consumer and the provider. Consorteum’s loyalty programs can be customized to target specific industries or merchants, such as grocery store chains. The company’s card identifies the consumer accumulating points and provides them with the opportunity to redeem points for pre-selected rewards. The card also enables the loyalty provider to track the activities of their consumers spending habits.

In addition, Consorteum is involved with merchant discount rates. These are fees charged to a merchant in order to accept payment from any of the major credit card companies. Consorteum has established relationships with several large processors to purchase transaction processing at a competitive rate. In turn, the company offers these services to its merchant clients.

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