Consorteum Holdings, Inc., a growing company in the financial services, payment and transaction processing industry, prides itself in providing clients with customized and highly creative answers to unique payment challenges. Its management and consulting team bring over 70 years of payment and transaction processing experience, and provide a complete range of consulting services, including needs analysis, project planning, execution, and final delivery. They work closely with clients throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure timely and successful deployment, and can develop outsourced or fully integrated turnkey business solutions.

As an unencumbered partner company, Consorteum has the ability to access and utilize a wider range of technological solutions than other companies, resulting in smarter and faster deployment, competitive pricing, and the potential for new revenues and other benefits. For example, Consorteum has established relationships with several large card processors, allowing reduced merchant discount rates, the fees charged to a merchant in order to accept payment from any of the major credit card companies.

The company provides electronic transaction processing and management services to financial institutions, healthcare, government agencies, and private companies. It is perhaps best known for its inspired application of advanced card technologies to address specialized customer and employee payment requirements, such as customers or employees who don’t have a current bank account.

By using payroll cards, for example, a company can automatically deposit funds to an employee’s card account, providing them with immediate access to funds no matter where they are located. This is especially useful for temp workers, students, and remote employees. Companies can also use re-loadable and non re-loadable cards for customers to use, including for gift cards and rebates.

Local, state, and federal government agencies can deposit social assistance payments directly onto a prepaid card instead of issuing checks. Healthcare cards can also carry benefits data, and give clients increased control over benefit expenses.

Consorteum believes it has proven itself capable of solving virtually any type of payment transaction problem.

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