Consorteum Holdings Inc., a company which has been forging a reputation as one of the most innovative financial transaction solution providers anywhere, offers a uniquely attractive package for investors seeking a solid return with minimal risk. It’s a package based upon a rare combination of business factors that the company has been careful to cultivate.

First of all, in a time when many companies have been struggling to find and hold customers, Consorteum has a significant pipeline of contracts, including multiple international projects, all of which are set up to contribute ongoing residuals. The company’s project portfolio is specifically designed to mitigate risk through operational, geographic, and product diversity. In addition, Consorteum’s asset portfolio is strategically positioned in terms of scale, focus, earnings, leadership, and diversity, all designed to enhance shareholder value.

Another positive factor is Consorteum’s operational model, which incorporates a sophisticated and proven framework for project origination, acquisition, development, management, and deployment of all its relationships and assets. Consorteum knows financial transactions, and knows that residuals and the limited utilization of company capital are both key to dependable revenue production. Moreover, by splitting up the financial and operational components of each project, the company has identified a unique approach, differentiating itself in the marketplace. Consorteum’s strong infrastructure and risk management practices effectively underwrite its success.

Consorteum’s management and consulting personnel have a strong record of successfully completing projects, producing continuous cash flow and residuals. The company benefits from the expertise of a seasoned group of professionals, representing over 100 years of combined experience in transaction management. Beyond that, Consorteum has established strong relationships with a diverse group of key industry players, giving the company the ability to develop and offer the most creative and effective card, payment, and transaction processing solutions available on the market. They are not tied to any single technology or approach.

Consorteum’s plan is to continually build upon this carefully laid foundation, and to ultimately become the world’s preeminent payment and transaction processing resource.

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