Consorteum Holdings Inc. is an industry expert in the payment and transactions marketplace. Its management team has extensive experience and knowledge of the financial, payment and transaction processing industry and its regulations. This provides the company with the ability to work outside of the box in providing solutions to its clients.

With their extensive industry experience, Consorteum recognized there was a need within the transaction processing industry to provide Right Source Solutions to companies looking to maximize their business potential. The company is attempting to seize the opportunity presented by the marketplace. Consorteum has established a significant number of key partnerships and strategic business relationships with many of the largest global companies in the industry. These relationships provide the company with exceptional flexibility in negotiating opportunities on behalf of their customers to obtain the best solution to match their clients’ specific needs.

The company has had considerable success in sourcing card, payment and transaction processing opportunities in North America, evaluating such opportunities and acquiring the financing for cross-platform solutions. This means that the company’s return on investment will never be dependent on one specific technology, partner or relationship.

Consorteum’s business initiatives are built with the goal of developing ‘repeat spend’ and ‘residual income’. This means that the company develops and implements process changes and innovations that encourage end-users to repeat their spending behaviors, resulting in recurring revenue for the company. This, in turn, maximizes return on investment over the long-term for Consorteum’s investors by delivering lasting income.

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