The business strategy of Consorteum Holdings Inc. is to capitalize on global opportunities within the growing financial services, payment and transaction processing marketplace. The company can customize the right solution to payment and transaction ‘headaches’ for a wide variety of entities in both the public and private sector.

Consorteum recently reported that it had signed a letter of intent with Tactical Connections Inc. to provide various financial services to major tier one US, Canadian and European manufacturing and retail industries. The company will work with Tactical Connections to provide its clients with new and enhanced solutions to drive consumer spending and customer loyalty. Through the partnership, Consorteum will provide manufacturer’s mail-in rebate gift cards with association branding, loyalty and rewards programs, stored value cards and other value-added services.

The two companies have been working together awhile to create a customer loyalty program to drive increased consumer spending for the clients of Tactical Connections. Tactical Connections’ business is focused on providing new and innovative products and services to help their clients increase their revenues and driving brand loyalty.

Tactical Connections CEO, Brad Kerr, commented on the relationship with Consorteum Holdings, “With this new relationship, we can offer our North American and European clients better ways to reduce costs and interact with customers on a long-term basis.”

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