Due to their extensive experience in the payment and transaction industry, Consorteum Holdings Inc. recognized there was a need within the financial services industry to provide ‘right source solutions’ to companies looking to maximize their business potential. The company has assembled a team of industry experts in order to seize the opportunity and capitalize on it.

The company’s knowledge of the financial, payment and transaction processing industry and its regulations provides it with the ability to work outside a traditional and cumbersome environment. Consorteum works with and manages a multitude of global technologies, which enables it to create a customized unique program for each and every client. It also means that the company will never be dependent on one specific type of technology.

This approach provides the company with significant flexibility when sourcing solutions for their clients which in turn results in smarter, faster deployment of technologies, competitive pricing and potential for new revenues. Along these lines Consorteum has established a significant number of key partnerships and strategic business relationships with many of the largest global companies in the financial and traditional processing business.

Consorteum’s business initiatives with clients are built with the goal of developing ‘repeat spending’. This in turn should maximize return on investment over the long-term for shareholders by delivering lasting residual income. The company believes it will achieve future financial success because it has several factors in its favor including:

• Sophisticated and proven framework for project and partner acquisition, development and management
• Strong pipeline of high quality and leading-edge card, payment and traditional processing projects, including five initiatives currently under contract
• Proven capital market structure for raising project capital, with limited utilization of Consorteum’s own capital
• Seasoned and experienced group of professionals with proven expertise in management, sales and solution facilitation in card, payment and traditional processing

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