Consorteum Holdings Inc., a financial transaction solution provider, clearly believes it has the right people, with the right skills, along with more flexible access to the best technologies. In addition, it has extensive relationships within the payments and transaction industry. For all these reasons, the company sees itself as offering customers the best possible solutions when it comes to financial transaction processing.

Consorteum likes to identify new business opportunities, along with the supporting technologies, to help their clients always be on the leading edge. Their goal is to assist clients in:

• Entering new markets
• Increasing revenues in existing markets
• Improving operational performance
• Delivering unique products/services more efficiently

Consorteum is not tied to any one technological approach, and is able to collaborate with the best providers to fit a given need. Moreover, the company believes strongly in long-term contracts and relationships, linking itself closely to the client’s success, and ensuring that the company will grow as the clients grow. In short, they want clients to consider them as partners.

To sell such a relationship, Consorteum points to its many advantages.

• Extensive payment industry expertise
• New and evolving service offerings
• Expertise in business outsourcing and management
• Innovative and unrestricted technologies, and the proven ability to implement
• Proven and experienced management team

An example of Consorteum’s creative approach to the marketplace is the way it has identified a large and growing segment of consumers for whom the standard debit card offerings are simply not enough. This includes unbanked, or underbanked, employees who either have no banking service, or one that makes it difficult for them to easily and quickly access their money. Consorteum has already developed and implemented a number of ways to successfully address this market, such as providing personalized and reloadable prepaid payroll cards, which can be used at ATMs, stores, or to pay bills.

Consorteum’s declared business strategy is to build upon all of the above capabilities, to establish itself as the dominant player in payment and transaction processing in North America, Europe, and around the world.

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