Consorteum Holdings Inc. is an international company focused on the financial services, payment and transaction processing industry. The company provides a unique long-range strategic plan that is tailored to a client’s specific needs for electronic transaction and management services. Consorteum provides these services to a wide variety of private and public entities using the most technically advanced global solutions.

The company is confident that they have spotted a significant growth opportunity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Consorteum believes there are unique factors at work in the UAE that may lead to exponential growth.

One major factor is the expanding workforce. Recently, the United Arab Emirates has represented the highest growth area on the planet for new construction. This trend is expected to continue right through to 2018 as wealth pours into the region. The workforce being hired for the construction projects are 90% migrant workers who typically need to send money home to their families across the globe.

This “need” falls right into Consorteum’s area of expertise. The company is currently working on a new initiative that will provide payment of up to 300,000 workforce members who will need to be directly paid by a payroll card program where they can receive a pay check and transfer funds to family members outside the UAE.

Consorteum is also in discussions with local UAE governments in regard to potential direct payroll solutions for government employees in addition to the introduction of a solution that provides for accurate identification where individuals do not have traditional bank accounts.

This international opportunity is a large one – on the scale of billions of dollars – and looks to be ripe for a company like Consorteum.

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