Consorteum Holdings Inc. announced this morning that its common stock is now trading on the over the counter bulletin board under the symbol CSRH. The news follows yesterday’s announcement that the holding company acquired Consorteum Inc., a systems integrator within the financial services, payment and transaction processing industries.

Craig Fielding, CEO of Consorteum Holdings Inc., stated, “We’re pleased that the company has passed the final hurdles of approval and is now actively trading on the OTCBB. This is an important milestone for the Company as we embark upon our growth strategy in an industry that is becoming more and more important to businesses of all sizes. The company has been steadily ramping up operations in preparation for this day. Our innovative way of doing business, focusing purely on customer needs, has proven highly successful. By empowering the user with technology solutions that enhance their existing systems and give them the tools to increase their own profits, we will increase our market share and provide long-term shareholder growth.”

Consorteum Holdings Inc. will focus on providing leading-edge solutions to financial institutions, healthcare, government, public, associations, and private sector companies for electronic transaction processing and management consulting. The company will provide customized, innovative technology solutions that create, augment and enhance customers’ existing systems. These enhancements and programs have been designed to serve underserved markets and provide equal opportunity for financial services to a greater audience.

Mr. Fielding added, “This is truly an exciting time for us. As we enter this period of growth and increased awareness for our company, we wish to see our shareholders benefit as well. Look for future announcements to outline our products and programs in greater detail.”

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