Consorteum Holdings Inc. is one of the most diverse financial transaction providers in the world, representing an investment opportunity based on the growing global demand for the application of the newest technologies to business operations. Consorteum, unlike many companies, is not locked in to any particular set of technologies, and can call upon a variety of options to help clients maximize their financial transaction processing efficiency, including advanced card payment solutions.

Consorteum has a solid pipeline of contracts, including international projects. Their portfolio reflects a broad operational, product, and geographic diversity, designed to mitigate risk, an important part of the company’s approach. Another important aspect of their business model is the emphasis on continuous residuals, providing Consorteum with an ongoing source of revenue.

The company makes use of a sophisticated and proven framework for project origination, acquisition, and implementation, emphasizing diversity and residuals, but also requiring a very limited impact on Consorteum’s own capital resources. The company carefully isolates the financial and operational components of each project, enabling improved evaluation and control, and ensuring a successful completion.

One of the most important factors in Consorteum’s success is their management and consulting team, offering a long and proven track record of successfully completed projects that produce ongoing cash flows. In addition, their many years of combined experience in the transaction management industry have helped the company establish strong ties with industry experts and professionals, allowing them to negotiate important partnerships and financial arrangements that are beneficial to both Consorteum and their customers.

The bottom line result is that Consorteum is able to bring to the marketplace the best of breed solutions in transaction processing and card technology. For clients, this means greater efficiency, lower costs, higher revenue, and more opportunity to focus on core competencies. For potential Consorteum investors, it means the chance to take advantage of a well planned and positioned company in an industry that has become a global focal point.

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