Consorteum Holdings, Inc. deals with one of the most important parts of our lives, the way we get paid. It sounds like a simple process, transferring money between people, but the handling of payments can be one of the most problematic areas of business simply because of the many and varied situations that call for it, not to mention the fairness and accuracy that people demand in every transaction.

For example, there are a number of markets requiring some sort of payment where non-traditional approaches are necessary. These areas benefit from Consorteum’s access to a wide range of industry technologies:

• Unbanked/Underbanked – There are currently over 130 million people in North America who have little or no banking relationship, making it difficult to receive payment for payroll, government, or other checks.
• Loyalty/Rewards Programs – Many companies seek to reward loyal customers and need a way to pass value to them that won’t be a hassle to the people they’re trying to reward.
• Payroll Cards – There are many temporary or other employees who may have difficulty being paid by direct deposit or cashing checks, but who need quick access to their earnings.
• Health & Wellness – Patients/clients often need a single convenient way to store and access their health records, in addition to paying for associated health and wellness services.
• Stored Value & Gift Cards – Stores are always looking for more efficient ways to use electronic cards as a way to attract new customers and hold onto existing customers.
• Rebate Programs – Anyone who has tried to take advantage of a rebate knows what a problem it can be for everyone involved if not efficiently set up and processed.
• Merchant Card Charge Discount Rates – Merchants want lower rates for processing credit cards.

Consorteum Holdings, through the use of a wide range of electronic card applications and other financial industry technologies, is able to provide business with one-stop solutions to all of the above markets demands. For more information, go to

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