Consorteum Holdings Inc., the innovative payment technology and applications company, has identified significant opportunities in the North American marketplace for all aspects of their business model. To this end, the company has worked on building solutions that are now portable into many diverse markets.

For example, the solution set that the company has built for the payment of benefits lends itself to several areas in the North American marketplace. These areas include welfare payments and payments to all areas of government including the armed forces, government employees, and even the Native American population, such as Canada’s First Nations community.

The North American check cashing industry, along with current payroll methodologies, is another area for expansion with respect to the model that Consorteum has built. In the North American market today, over 25% of individual employees are unbanked or underbanked and receive a physical paycheck which must be cashed at one of thousands of ‘check cashing’ stores. The business need here is clear and well-established. These employees need other options for check cashing.

Another large target North American marketplace is in the sports arena. Consorteum has launched their My Golf Rewards Inc. initiative into the Canadian marketplace already. Since the company’s Canadian launch, there has been evidence of interest generated for similar initiatives in several states. This could be a huge opportunity for the company as the golf industry in North America is 25 times larger than Canada on its own. The North American golf industry in its entirety is potentially a $20 million opportunity for the company.

The model the company has built for My Golf Rewards initiative is a remarkable loyalty program opportunity that can be used as a blueprint for other areas of the sports industry such as baseball, football, basketball and hockey. The model may also serve as a blueprint for programs in the entertainment industry. Consorteum is currently exploring all of these growth areas and may have new initiatives in these areas sometime in the next year.

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