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Definition :
A debt that someone incurs for the purpose of purchasing a good or service; a mortgage for purchasing a house is technically not consumer credit. However, the 52 inch television you put on your credit card is a great example.

Consumer debt is consumer credit which is outstanding. In macroeconomic terms, it is the debt which is used to fund consumption rather than investment.

Why is it useful?
Consumer Credit has a slightly effect on the foreign currencies market as long as increasing this indicator means more liquidity available with consumers which allows them to spend more and more leading to high demand on goods and services; then that might expose raising factories and companies production capacity. At the end such index pushes the economic growth ahead with strengthening the local currency.

About Consumer credit figurer impact at stock exchange is also supposed to be slight, regarding any improvement on goods and services demand level caused by high consumer liquidity which enhances companies and factories production capacity, as a result a minor increasing on the entire indices appear.