As the past days, gold price is still relatively high and is actually increasing gradually today as the dollar is still weak; it gained $9.25 an ounce as it recorded a high of $893.65 an ounce from $884.40 an ounce yesterday. Signs of U.S economic weakness and this falling dollar are still the major factors in the incline of the value of gold in the market as the demand heightened on gold being the best alternative investment and of course a hedge against this weakened dollar.

Oil prices still remain falling these days due to different geopolitical factors; today for instance this continuous fall was due to the fact that oil workers in Nigeria, the biggest African producer, agreed to resume talks with Chevron Corp. after they threatened to strike the past days. Moreover, oil prices soften yesterday as the EIA report showed yesterday that US stockpiles had declined last week highly than expected. Crude contract shed $0.62 a barrel as it recorded a high of $136.32 a barrel from $136.8 a barrel yesterday.

Now, the U.S dollar remains weak on speculation that the central bank will delay the increase of interest rates, in addition to the fact that it's highly expected that a report today will show that U.S manufacturing is still weak which will support even more the delay on increasing the interest rates. Consequently, investors are still being secured by gold, the gaining safe yellow asset.