Convergence Technologies Group Inc. (CNVC.PK) provides services, strategies and support to publicly traded companies, helping them maintain their position in the market and increase shareholder value. The company recently announced its acquisition of Bookkeeper International Equities Corp., a merchant banking group that offers advisory services, investor relations and financial consulting.

In the midst of hard times, it’s imperative that private and public companies stay on top of their operations and strategies, and seek the support needed to continue in a profitable, competitive manner. Convergence Technologies operates to fulfill this need, empowering public companies to overcome challenges such as insufficient capital, overall challenges and hurdles in the public market, and assists companies in filtering worthwhile consulting and support firms from those that produce minimal results.

Specifically, Convergence Technology provides the administrative and consulting support necessary for a company to secure client costs as it works to secure the capital needed to continue operations. It also develops or enhances corporate communications, boosts public awareness to get its clients on investor radars, and uses the Internet to market its clients’ business.

The company’s combined services and strategies empower the company’s presence and shareholder value, positioning them to efficiently operate in such harsh economic times. In its recent press release, Convergence Technology said it plans to release new information on each of its business directives soon.

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