Today shortly before the opening bell, Convergence Technologies announced its acquisition of Bookkeeper International Equities Corp in an all stock transaction. Bookkeeper International Equities Corp, a private Merchant Banking Group, provides merger & acquisition advisory services, investor relations, and corporate finance consulting services to microcap issuers.

As stated in the terms of the acquisition, Warren Stroud will be stepping down from his duties as Chief Executive to concentrate his efforts on the voice to voice division. The new CEO, Domino Mocharski, is dedicated to increasing shareholder equity and meeting the minimum listing requirements of a Nationally Recognized Exchange.

Mr. Mocharski commented, “In an effort to continue to build shareholder equity, Convergence Technologies, Inc. will be expanding its reach to provide business consulting and corporate finance advisory services to other microcap issuers. These microcap opportunities are typically either in operational or financial difficulty and may need corporate restructuring, merger & acquisition advisory services, and/or bridge financing. They typically face market awareness issues, as well as an inability to attract corporate financing, and require the help of serious, experienced managers to restructure and turnaround their public company operations in an expedient manner.”

He continued, “We will be generally compensated with a combination of cash payments on a case-by-case basis, and outright grants of equity in the form of common stock and warrants for purchasing the common stock of the public company. We believe this compensation plan aligns our interests with the client company’s shareholders because our ultimate compensation is maximized by successfully increasing shareholder equity. Naturally our own intent is also to increase shareholder equity in Convergence as we crystallize our services. A new website is currently being created to define our past and present business interests.”

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