Earlier this month, Convergence Technology announced that it has completed the acquisition of Bookkeeper International Equities Corp. Bookkeeper is an innovative Merchant Banking Firm primarily focused on providing structured financing and comprehensive banking solutions to underexposed and undervalued companies.

Founded in 2006 as a closed-ended Private Fund & Management Merchant Consortium Bank, Bookkeeper Int’l Equities' objective is to assist Small and Micro-cap Companies with a comprehensive slate of services, including; Investment Banking, Debt & Equity, Bridge Financing, Equity Debt Lines, Business Consulting and Investor Relations. While other hedge funds & merchant banks have recently exited the world of Corporate Finance, this Merchant Banking Firm continues to see great opportunity in raising capital in the smaller public markets.

From initial private and public capital transactions to follow-on offerings, strategic consulting engagements and mergers and acquisitions, the company facilitates the execution of business plans that yield superior investment returns over the medium to long-term time horizon. Bookkeeper only chooses premier, under-investigated names with absolute financial potential.

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