Convergence Technology Group Inc. provides management consulting and advisory, public relations/investor relations, and capital services. The company founded their business on the principal that micro-cap publicly traded companies are faced with running the business of the operating company, and the business of the public company. Convergence Technology Group Inc. assists enterprises with the latter.

As management consultants, their goal is to address a particular set of challenges that public companies face, and in particular, micro-cap companies. They work to provide their client companies with the tools and support to effectively address these challenges. They provide administrative and consulting support to help companies keep their costs in line while preparing them to access the capital markets. This is through private means or through a public offering. Convergence Technologies Group Inc, as an Advisory Management Consulting Firm, focuses on educating management about their enterprise specific functions. They also focus on helping management understand the intricacies and nuances of the junior capital markets where they trade.

Through their public relations/investor relations, Convergence Technologies Group Inc. provides micro-cap public companies with a full suite of services under the umbrella of Emerging Issuer. They designed their specifically for public companies to deliver their message in an internet TV environment and then get the word out to the investment community. Emerging Issuer finds companies for their investors to review. They also help to build market awareness and visibility.

For capital services, the Company’s Merchant Asset Management Group helps companies achieve their goals by introducing them to the capital they need to build long-term shareholder equity. They utilize the resources they have developed to bring quality investment banking services to micro-cap companies. They offer a family of Capital Services. These include financial advisory services related to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and recapitalizations.