Private Jets: Having been in the aviation industry for over 30 years as an aviation department manager, major airline captain, aircraft completion consultant and President of Integral Aviation Solutions Inc, I feel uniquely qualified to discuss the completion or conversion process of an airliner into a Flying Home. Long before Boeing was producing the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus the Airbus Corporate Jet we were converting Boeing and Airbus airliners to corporate, personal and Head of State service.

Once you establish that an airline is suitable for your flight operations there are many choices to make; the first step is to set a budget. A new BBJ or ACJ start around 55 million Green, that's without any interior. An average completion on one of these aircraft is between 18 and 35 million depending on you personal choices. There are many less expensive ways of getting a similar aircraft without the 75 million dollar price tag. There are many pre-owned airliners available that can be converted cost effectively.