Software technology provider COPsync, Inc. reported today that it has entered into a contract with the La Salle County, Texas Sheriff’s office for the implementation and use of its real-time data collection and information sharing software in patrol vehicles. Recently, La Salle County received a grant to implement COPsync technology under the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program, awarding grants to law enforcement agencies for hiring and training community policing professionals. The COPS program also allows for the acquisition and deployment of cutting-edge crime-fighting technologies, as well as the development and testing of innovative policing strategies. Since 1994, the COPS Office has invested more than $12 billion for adding community policing officers, enhanced crime fighting technology and support of crime prevention initiatives.

Sheriff Victor S. Villarreal of La Salle County commented, “With the assistance of COPsync, Inc., our agency has been awarded a $75,000 grant under the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services for implementation of the COPsync(TM) system. Rural areas, such as La Salle County, have traditionally trailed far behind in this area of technology due to lack of funds. Our limited technology infrastructure will soon be a thing of the past. COPsync(TM) will provide our officers unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency. Communication, dissemination of information, and statistical analysis will all improve with COPsync(TM).”

La Salle County is in the Southwest Border HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). Interstate Highway 35, close to this area, has been declared a major narcotics and human smuggling route into the United States, and the primary north-south route that affects drug transportation from the Southwest Border HIDTA into the North Texas HIDTA. The HIDTA Program helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of drug control efforts by facilitating cooperation between drug control organizations. Law enforcement agencies on these routes can benefit greatly from the COPsync platform. The technology would enable these agencies to work together to curtail narcotics and human smuggling activities.

Additionally, La Salle County is contiguous to Webb and McMullen Counties, who both of which currently use COPsync. The counties recently participated in Operation Border Star, the program initiated by the Governor’s office to curtail illegal immigration and its associated crime. To date, COPsync has successfully assisted its clients in applying for over ten million dollars in Federal and State Grant Funds specifically written to fund the implementation of the COPsync technology.

“We are committed to aggressively pursuing funding opportunities for our law enforcement clients and are very optimistic of the grants pending approval by the various Grant Authorities. Our technology meets or exceeds most of the objectives outlined in these grants and, based on this, I believe that we are in a position to see a high number of these Grants successfully approved,” stated Shane Rapp, President of COPsync, Inc.