One company that is quickly evolving into a pioneer in their field is COPsync Inc. Located in Canyon Lake, Texas, COPsync is positioned to become one of the fastest growing software technology providers to law enforcement and emergency service professionals across the globe. Today, COPsync made a major announcement that they have reached an important milestone for their business.

COPsync announced the implementation of the young company’s real-time information sharing technology for the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Texas. This agency represents the 100th law enforcement agency that has signed a contract to implement COPsync’s state-of-the-art software.

COPsync’s technology is unique because it is the first and only integrated software product that provides a real-time in-car, data collection and data information sharing network for all subscribing agencies, regardless of jurisdictional boundaries. Besides alleviating the tedious paperwork needs of officers, users of COPsync are able to immediately identify criminals, communicate with other officers, and access life saving and mission critical information via a laptop computer or hand-held device allowing officers to concentrate more of protecting society and less about technical requirements.

Leland Burgess, who serves as the Sheriff of Kinney County, Texas, stated, “As sheriff of Kinney County, I am looking forward to receiving the COPsync software application. One of the features we are looking forward to is the ability to receive TLETS returns directly to the officer’s patrol car laptop in the field. This will save time and improve officer safety as well. The ability to send and receive vital suspect information in a real-time setting will be crucial to improving the overall effectiveness of our department moving forward.”

Leading the way at COPsync is Russell Chaney who serves as the company’s CEO. Chaney was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to welcome the 100th law enforcement agency to the COPsync real time information sharing network. The value of our unique COPsync software increases with each agency that comes online so reaching this milestone is very exciting for the Company. All agencies on this system communicate with each other in real-time. Officers using COPsync can now leverage other jurisdictions to assist in stopping criminal activity in real-time. It is very exciting to see these agencies leverage technology to remove the advantage criminal elements have over those that place their lives on the line to serve and protect us.”

Currently, COPsync is trading in the $0.08 range. With a technology that provides added safety to society and makes the lives of police officers less stressful, COPsync is an emerging pioneer within the industry.

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