Software technology provider COPsync, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office to install its real-time data collection and information sharing software in the county’s patrol vehicles. The contract will cover 48-months and is valued at approximately $340,000.

COPsync’s software assists working officers in a variety of duties via the touch of a button. In addition to real-time information sharing capabilities, the software includes data collection user interfaces designed by law enforcement officers to efficiently expedite the paperwork process. The COPsync software is the first and only integrated software product that provides a real-time, in-car, nationwide information-sharing network for law enforcement officers. The user can immediately identify criminals, communicate with other officers, and access life saving and mission critical information. The company’s innovative technology allows for efficiency and accuracy.

COPsync CEO Russell Chaney commented, “We are pleased to welcome Tom Green County to the largest real-time in-car law enforcement information sharing network. With the use of our software, they will begin to see instant benefits and efficiencies. The citizens of this County have a very proactive leader in Sheriff Hunt. His decision to move forward with this initiative, developed to create a nation of Law Enforcement officers that share offense and criminal data in real-time, clearly displays his commitment to protect those that he has been elected to serve.”

Tom Green County Sheriff, Joe Hunt, offered his view on COPsync’s added benefits: “COPsync(TM) will provide the information necessary to increase our productivity and provide additional protection to our officers and those we serve. Together with surrounding agencies already utilizing COPsync(TM), our office will join the vast and growing network of agencies sharing information in real-time. From the officers in the field to the courts and district attorney’s office, implementation of COPsync(TM) will provide substantial gains in efficiency for all participants in the criminal justice system.”