Cord Blood America is a company that continues to separate themselves from the competition. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cord Blood is the parent company of the popular CorCell which facilitates umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation for expectant parents and their children. Cord Blood has the mission of evolving into the most respected stem cell preservation company in the industry. Today, Cord Blood took a major step towards achieving that goal.

Cord Blood America made news with the announcement of a $50,000 Quality Service Guarantee. The Guarantee will pay the owner of the umbilical cord blood stem cells $50,000 if the stored stem cells are used in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant and the stem cells fail to engraft. This Guarantee is one-of-a-kind and is helping the company to stand out even further.

Leading the way at Cord Blood is Matthew L. Schissler who serves as the company‚Äôs Chairman and CEO. When asked about the Guarantee, Schissler was quoted as saying, “The funds would defray the cost of procurement of an alternative stem cell source, if medically indicated. We take our responsibility for your child’s cord blood very seriously. Our commitment to stand behind our service is never more important than if the time comes for a family to use the cord blood they have entrusted us to store.”

To go along with the news of the Guarantee, Cord Blood announced that case managers across the nation can now receive credit for the continuing education program offer by the company on the value of cord blood collection as a potentially life-saving resource for treating diseases. When asked about the continuing education program and its value to the company, Schissler stated, “Case managers, like nurses, need to take advantage of mandatory continuing education programs. Educating key people in the medical community on the enormous potential of stem cell storage will, we believe, pay significant dividends for our Company.”

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