Cord Blood America Inc., an umbilical stem-cell preservation company, Friday announced that the Grand Opening of its Las Vegas, Nevada, corporate office and laboratory will run from noon until 5 p.m., January 22, 2010. The event features a board of speakers, both from the company and others from various state-side positions.

Speakers include Brian Krolicki, Nevada’s lieutenant governor; Somer Hollingsworth, president & CEO of Nevada Development Authority; and Michael Skaggs, executive director of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development.

Dr. Geoffrey John O’Neill, laboratory directory for CBAI, will discuss his extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Dr. O’Neill was part of the first bone marrow transplants in the 1970s, and has worked to achieve his vision of turning Cord Blood America into a “cellular pharmacy” for the world.

Among other company speakers is Joseph R. Vicente, an original CBAI board member, as well as Matthew Schissler, co-founder and CEO, who will discuss the overall stem-cell industry and the CBAI’s opportunities and plans for expansion through acquisitions.
CBAI’s new corporate office spans 17,000 square feet, a facility that includes a state-of-the-art laboratory for storage of multiple stem cell products. The company said it may be one of the largest cryogenic storage facility and stem cell labs in the nation.