Cord Blood America, Inc., – markets a powerful umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation service using a proprietary cryogenic process via subsidiary CorCell, – providing clients with an amazing way to invest in future, potentially life-saving medical treatments.

The Company announced today that CorCell will launch a new cost-reducing service for initial cell storage that will be offered as a payment option for established payment programs; the “Afford-A-Cord” program will only cost $495, a 76.2% savings that brings the option within striking distance of a much broader target market.

Co-founder and CEO of CBAI, Matthew Schissler, noted that the idea to create this service came from analysis of the target market and cited the upfront cost of the service as inordinate for families due to the timing; because of other costs associated with having a child, pressures and stresses, it is often very difficult for parents who want the best for their child’s future to take advantage of this breakthrough technology.

Schissler underscored the fact that the Company, as the undisputed price leader in this regard, is able to finally provide families searching for a solution to long-term health concerns, an affordable solution ($29/month for 18 years of storage after the birth) due in large part to CBAI’s strong financial position.

Schissler went on to say that he had firm faith in the concept that a variety of flexible payment plans was paramount to obtaining the maximum market penetration for CBAI’s services, and detailed the vast effort put into squaring away the legal and accounting aspects of the programs implementation, projecting a July 1, 2010 deadline launch date.

Schissler postulated that this would attract substantial new capital, and was confident that – between the added revenue from the program and the Company’s German branch in 2Q this year – CBAI would be setting a cord-blood subsidiary sales record this quarter.

Schissler stressed that Corcell’s current payment plans are, and will be, in full effect for the foreseeable future, and that the new Afford-A-Cord program is designed to lower the initial barrier for new customers, making the service available even for families with limited cash reserves.

The potential for stem cells is great and as the technologies emerge to utilize this resource, CBAI will be there to provide a winning service to customers and a return engine to investors.