Cord Blood America has made it a priority to be the most respected stem cell preservation company in the world. The company seeks to achieve its goal by educating expectant parents, families with a history of disease, critically ill patients, and all others who wish to learn about this life saving opportunity.

Founded in 2002, Cord Partners, a subsidiary of Cord Blood America, has established itself as a platinum standard national competitor in the umbilical cord blood storage industry. Cord Partners was founded by Matthew L. Schissler, Chairman and CEO, Stephanie Schissler, former President & COO, and Laura Fitzpatrick, former Vice President of Strategic Relations.

Cord Blood America, Inc. was founded on one, simple principle: The families who seek stem cell preservation should never have to work to achieve this. Cord Blood America has bundled services such as medical kit preparation, medical courier arrangement, 24/7 customer service, easy enrollment, and one price for all services, offering the highest quality stem cell preservation available.

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