Cord Blood America’s focus is on preserving stem cells, taken from the blood remaining in the umbilical cord and placenta after birth, to combat life-threatening illnesses. Research and development has shown that cord blood stem cells have tremendous future value for treating blood disorders and genetic diseases because the concordant stem cells in blood can be developed to match a patient's own blood.

Earlier this month President Obama guaranteed lawmakers that he will sign an executive order overturning President Bush's embryonic stem cell research policy. Mr. Obama said the executive order would be coordinated with Congress on timing and that it's important Congress also pass a law codifying his order so that a future president can't easily reverse the policy.

Dr. Neil Theise, an adult stem cell researcher and professor of pathology and medicine at the Beth Israel Medical Center of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said that a lifting of the embryonic stem cell research ban would “lift the need for political opposition to adult stem cell research, as well” and have benefits across the board for all forms of stem cell research.

By encouraging and supporting the research of stem cell science, more discoveries will be made and more diseases will become curable. As families see the increasing immediate benefits of preserving their children's stem cells, more will demand Cord Blood America's life-saving services. With a whole new medical field just beginning to be explored, the possibilities are endless.

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