One company that is starting to catch the attention of investors is Cord Blood America. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Cord Blood’s mission is to become the world’s largest stem cell storage facility through acquisitions, diversification and organic growth. Today, Cord Blood announced that its new acquisition, Stellacure GmbH, is projected to top $1 million in revenues this year.

Cord Blood views stem cells as a biological insurance policy and is attempting to bring this life saving potential across the globe. To make this mission a reality, Cord Blood acquired 51 percent of Stellacure which is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Stellacure is the third largest core banking service in Germany and operates in conjuncture with the German Red Cross.

When asked what the acquisition of Stellacure means to the future of Cord Blood, Company CEO Matthew Schissler was quoted as saying, “This is absolutely the best company we could partner with, as a first step toward becoming a global leader in stem cell storage. Their revenues were approximately $800,000 (U.S.) in 2009 and the German Red Cross, which also owns a portion of the company, is widely respected throughout Europe We believe this is one of the most significant stem cell storage companies in Europe and it already has begun to establish sales channels in Italy and Spain.”

With the potential of Stellacure coupled with the already stellar reputation of Cord Blood, the relationship between these two companies could lead to a host of benefits for patients and investors alike. To learn more about Cord Blood America, visit their website at: and you’ll see why this young company is starting to gain national attention.

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