In a press release today, Cord Blood America, Inc. said that it believes the executive order signed today by President Obama eliminating restrictions on Federal funding of stem cell research is a “significant move forward for the entire stem cell sector.”

Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America Founder and CEO, stated, “Scientists are confident that stem cell research will lead to fundamental improvements in the treatment of heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other of our most difficult to treat illnesses.”

“Stem cells are believed capable of becoming any tissue in the body, which could lead to treatments for illnesses currently impossible to cure,” Mr. Schissler continued. “The more positive news about stem cells and their medical uses, the more we believe parents and grandparents will understand the importance of umbilical cord blood stem cell storage, done at the time of birth by Cord Blood America.”

“Storing stem cells is the inventory business model needed for future therapies. As the stem cell research companies drive their respective trials forward, we’ll be ready with the inventory as therapies become commercialized. Without the inventory in storage, a great therapy can bypass a patient in need,” Mr. Schissler added.

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