Yesterday, Cordia Corp. made the announcement that it has signed a deal with Bayan Telecommunications Inc. The deal will allow Cordia to resell Bayan’s wireless landline services in the Philippines, letting Cordia create a new suite of services under their WiLL brand.

Cordia offers long distance telcom services to business and residential customers in over 60 countries through its various subsidiaries: Cordia Communications, CordiaAP, Northstar Telecom, Cordia Prepaid and Cordia International. This is achieved through both traditional wired landline services and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) tech. Cordia also develops and markets a suite of proprietary web-based billing software and services to local, long distance and VoIP telcom providers.

The wireless local landline Cordia will be using is similar to traditional mobile services, such as cell/smartphone communication, where consumers can use the service both in-home with the wireless landline hardware and on the go via mobile handset. Up until now, Cordia’s services have necessitated that customers have both a high speed internet connection as well as an interface device, such as a PC. Cordia’s new system is making it possible for customers to purchase a bundle set of service and a wireless landline phone, doing away with the previous requirements. This will allow Cordia to offer their services to customers through Bayan’s wireless landline footprint in the Philippines.

The suite of WiLL services will initially include different packages which offer multiple functionalities, like unlimited calling within the same area code, unlimited calls to the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, unlimited calling and/or free calling to 150 countries via wireless landline and mobile phones, and unlimited inbound international calls.

Kevin Griffo, President and CEO of Cordia, stated, “We can now extend our reach to include customers who do not have a broadband connection. We are not simply reselling existing landlines. This agreement allows us to enhance our marketing capabilities in the Philippines and change the way we offer VoIP service. We will now offer an entire suite of services, which includes local wireless plans bundled with Cordia’s global calling product. We expect that these service offerings will result in a material increase in revenue in the Philippines in 2011.”

Griffo continued, “Cordia’s Global Long Distance product allows users the freedom to talk with family, friends and business associates anywhere and at anytime without being tied to a computer like other international calling services. In addition to the ability to make international calls from a mobile device, our customers can now also add an inbound international number. This inbound add-on allows friends, family and others located overseas to reach our Philippine customers on an unlimited basis.”

Neil Macalino, Head of Bayan International Business, stated, “Our partnership agreement with global player Cordia Corporation to offer their new suite of Cordia WiLL services bundled with our wireless landline service will help strengthen Bayan’s product offering in the market and ensure that our customers are always on the leading-edge of innovation in voice communication technology.”