Good Morning !

Happy Thanksgiving !

The December Corn is trading at 383 3/4 putting it up 7 3/3 cents.The range is 384 to 377.

The U.S. Dollar is continuing to hit the skids,shrinking to 7449.5 which is down 63 points as I write. With a late harvest and sorry yields put in the equation you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see where we are going.

I remain bullish as we move forward to the $4 benchmark. The market will eventually not teeter-tawter and break to lower prices as the fundamentals drive the market.

Energies are trading higher with concerns of the Dollar and weather coupled with our crippled Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Keep in mind even as we have inventories due out today at 9:30 C.S.T. which should further enhance market direction we are in holiday market mode.

Even though we going through trials and turbulations we live in the Greatest Country in the World.

We have a lot to be Thankful for !

Free Want for Free Men !