Good Morning !

The December Corn is trading at 402 1/4 which is down 1/2 of a cent as I write.The range is 403 to 397 3/4. This market hinges on a disappointing harvest and weak U.S. Dollar. Weather is not cooperating and eventually should send this market sailing to the upside !

We are in a pattern we have not seen in a long time which is worrying about the carryover to next year. We do not have that luxury in the coming growing seasons. Tell your Congressmen and congresswoman to start focusing on important matters not global warming !

With the current fragile global economy the Dubai government issued a statement that it is not responsible for the debts of their conglomerate DUBAI WORLD.

Well who is ?

Is this company government controlled or in the Free Enterprise Private Sector. Sounds like another political football in Washington ! Obviously somewhere someway the wrong dealings and side deals should have these people held accountable for in this latest crisis.This should be done without finger pointing just the facts!

On the Energy front we remain strong on Crude Oil and the Products.

Natural Gas continues to slide lower.I do anticipate another pullback in the Crude Oil,Gasoline and heating Oil.

I beleive the latest rally is an aberration on the news of the Iranian Pirate news.Let's say a prayer for the captives in the latest saga of a brazen disregard for free ideals !

Free Markets for Free Men !