Today we mark the 68th Anniversary of the unannounced military strike on Pearl Harbor. This day should stand as a reminder that Freedom isn't Free! Let's remember all our heroes who fought the fight that tragic
day and our troops in Afghanistan and abroad ! Heavy snows and blizzardly conditions are headed our way.
3 inches so far in Chicago this morning with more to follow. The thrust of this Storm has pounded California Colorado the Plains and Mid-West are gearing up for their punch.

This is most likely is the final kick in the shins to farmers this harvesting season. The December Corn is trading at 370 1/2 which is down 3 1/4 cents as I write.The range was 378 to 370 1/2. The U.S. Dollar is trading a little higher and meanwhile Stocks are trading a little easier.I remain bullish on the Corn and I believe we will be trading at the 460 level soon. On the Energy Front were trading easier this morning which is giving me a buy signal in Crude Oil at these levels with a 70 point stop. If I'm correct and Crude rallies this could bring the Entire Energy Complex higher with the weaker trend in the U.S. Dollar and current weather conditions.

Have a Great Trading Day !