Good Morning!

Syphering through Ben Bernanki's comments yesterday should have all true free enterprise Capitalist shaking in their boots. Uncle Ben's comments that a bill that will be passed next year will take away Social Security from high income people. Not to mention close all small construction companies.

Number 1 why pay SOCIALIST security if you get nothing back! Where is my motivation.

Number 2 Government let private business lead the way to get us out of the hole you dumb politicians keep digging.

Number 3 Let's hit Congress' slush fund to help balance this budget! Enough is Enough1 Finite!

We work to hard to have are entitlements as hard working Americans given away at a whim of idiots who can't run an honest business let alone a country! Speaking of droughts we expect hot weather in upcoming days.

Today's Grain report could also set the tone for bullish influences in the Corn market.The July contract is trading at 336 ¼ in the electronic session which is down 2 cents.The trading range has been 338 to 336 and as I write traders are pressing the market squaring off positions at the last minute. Stay tuned for the Grain Numbers!

On the Energy Front were trading higher this morning.I'm looking at geo-political events and the shrinking U.S. dollar giving back the flight to quality that the Euro fears created.A new sign that in a second trading session it is trading substantially lower since the crisis.

Stocks are rebounding after yesterdays selloff from strength.Uncle Ben must of scared them too. The two ingrediants of lower dollar higher stocks should help boost Energy prices. At 9:30 the DOE releases the Natural Gas Storage number the street is expecting a build of 93 Billion Cubic Feet.

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There is substanbtial risk of loss trading commodity futures and options. Past performance is not indicative of future results.