Good Morning!Our Commander in Chef (yes this is not a misprint) Is at it again comparing thisawful oil spill to the 9/11 tragedy that was in fact a terrorist attack by enemies ofthe United States.Although I can't remember many people devouring seafood the President ate in this crisis after 9/11.

Mr. Obama will meet with BP's Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg tomorrow but not before his roadshow hit's the airwaves tonight to speak about pushing through new legislation of a new Energy policy that will cost Americans jobs and buying fuel off other countries drillingin our backyard let alone importing oil from enemies.

Pushing through regulation and losing American jobs and trying to bankrupt private businesssounds all too familiar to me especially when the American People our pleaded for jobs.This administration does not hear us but after 9/11 George Bush did hear the cries of American People. The Liberal thinktank is orchestrating the latest Obama whirlwind tour but comparing this disaster to a terrorist attack is unconsionable. Yes, and Alger Hiss was not a Soviet Spy!

In last nights action the July Corn's trading range was narrow trading between 353 to 351 and were current in the electronic session at 353 at this writing.Sporatic rains and temps in the low to mid 80's should be conducive to growing conditions.

On the Energy Front we are eyeballing the tropical storm in the gulf  which could become a hurricane. Just what they need now.However, models show if it developes into a hurricane it could do an endrun and bounce up the east coast.Traders are still watching developments in the Middle East and Korean Peninsula. 

The July Crude and Natural Gas are trading a new technical higher leg due to the storm.If it changes it's path what the market priced in could evaporate fast.

Stay Tuned!

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