Good Morning!

The December Corn had a nicr break  in last nights action due to the rains.The trading range was 403 ½ to 395 ¼ and is trading at 400 ½ which is  down6 ¾ cents at this writing.Weather is the dominating factor and had the Corn bullshead for the exits.If we stay above $4 Corn we can use that as new support.I believe we have not seen the rally were going to see when the dog days of summer will push us higher.

On the Energy Front the Crude is trading 18 higher at 7619 at this writing. No major news coming outon this sector.We have the continued drama in the Gulf and Cuba is flexing it's muscles to do deep oil drilling.And BP is not sure the latest cap is working properly.With Moody's downgrading of Ireland's credit rating we should see a negative impact on the stock market which should spillover in the Energy Complex.

Call me for entry points to take advantage of these price

There is substantial risk of loss trading commodity futures and options. Past performance is not indicative of future results.