Good Morning!

All The global markets are trading higher with the Chinese loosening up the peg of the U.S. dollargiving the Yuan a float of relative valu versus other currencies. This move is going to have an effect on long-term interest rates and will force the Euro-Zone to spend wisely in this current global economy.

The July Corn is trading at 366 which is up 5 ¼ cents in the electronic session. Damaging storms over the weekend and more on the way will have traders assessing the amount of damage.

Next Wednesday June 30th wilkl be First Notice Day on the July Grain Complex. So it's time to focus on December Corn which is trading at 385 ¾ which is up 5 ¼ cents.The range has been 367 to 363.

On the Energy Front were trading higher of the stock market trading higher and the U.S. dollar trading96 points lower off of the Asian news.

Happy Monday!

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