Good Morning!

Numbers speak volumes or lack of volume in the acreage numbers.The children of the corn have spoken. In the electronic session the DecemberCorn is trading at 375 ¾ which is up 2 ¼ cents. The trading range has been 375 ¾ to 371 ¼.Good growing weather should speak volumes as well.Knee high by the 4th of July!Let's see how fast this recovery will happen to this crop. Will it be faster than our stimulus package?With Crude getting crushed and the Sugar rally stalled this should be a tumultuous time forEthanol  Bulls!Watch the Corn roll to change my opinion.

On the Energy Front we are overpriced going into the 4th of July Weekend.Mortimar Turn those machines on and sell!Cheaper gas prices? Woo Hoo!

Let's not forget our brothers and sisters in harm's way!Let the spirit they are defending us live in a constant revolution!Let the cavalry ride!Happy Birthday America!

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