Good Morning!

The President accused the GOP of holding the public hostage with unemployment benefis.Who's holding who hostage?All real Americans want to work for a living and not have government grants for doing nothing.Did this guy ever hold a job in the private sector?The only way were going to get out of the hole is to stop raising taxes and stop printing dollarslike it's going out of style.This would help small business help the economy by putting people back to work!

In the electronic session the December Corn continues to slide.As I write were trading at 389 ¾ which is down4 ¼ cents.The range has been 393 to 389 ¼.I still remain bullish and expect this market to form a bottom .The seven day weather forecast  is just the shot in the arm the bulls need.

On the Energy Front we continue to monitor hurricane activity in the Gulf,Iran,China and the globaleconomy.If that is not enough to give traders multiple personalities I don't know what else to tell you.Currently the August Crude is trading at 7598 which is down 56 points.I still remain bearish this complexbarring any Act of God or act of troublemakers in the world.

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There is substantial risk of loss trading commodity futures and options.Past performance is not indicative of future results.