Good Morning!

The idiots are at it again.Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) think we should pay a dollar a day for global warming.We paid for the air we breathe through blood sweat and the American Flag.That was the tax we paid and gladly honored to do so.

I think we should get a tax break every time you dim wits come up with another fabricate and exploitany situation to bill Joe six-pack. As Obama said if it's broke we need to know to fix it!The country is going broke because of your policies and we will fix it. America is ready for change!

Let's talk free markets why we can. No thanks to our current regime. Remember folks Free Markets for Free Men.

The July Corn is trading at 354 ½ which is up ¾ of a cent in the overnight electronic session at this writing. The trading range has been 354 ¾ to 353 ¼ so far in this session. We have great growing weather for Corn in tis upcoming week which will pressure bulls into hibernation. 

Looking at a bumper crop and with the Energy situation Ethanol traders are waiting to see how the current regime will screw up and make this debacle worse.Let supply and demand take effect in this market and let the market seek it's own level.I remainbullish long haul but I think we will trade in the valley today.

On the Energy Front were coming off a new technical high.The Tropical Storm in the gulf that was'nt (Thank God) is taking steam out of the bulls push for now. The market should ease off after pricing in the threat of the now Tropical Wave.I still remain bearish barring the geo-political seen.Call me for technical numbers of where to purchase or sale. 

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There is substantial risk of loss trading commodity futures and options.Past performance not indicative of future results.