Cornell University has temporarily suspended its entire lacrosse team because of a reported hazing incident. According to John Carberry, a representative of the Cornell press-relations office, the suspension is the result of the Big Red team’s alleged “coerced consumption of alcohol by underage freshmen.”

Cornell’s director of athletics and physical education, Andy Noel, released a statement about the incident on Thursday. “On Sept. 13, the Cornell men’s lacrosse team was placed on temporary suspension pending appropriate sanctions for a team hazing incident,” Noel said. “Following investigation into the incident, Coach [Ben] DeLuca and his team were notified that all fall competitions are canceled. Effective today, the team will resume training and practice in accordance with sanction guidelines.”

Last season, the team sported a 14-4 record. Its first game of this school year was scheduled against the Iroquois National Team on Sept. 28 in Cortland, N.Y. Updates on the investigation will be posted on the university’s Hazing website in the next few days, Carberry said.

Noel said the university has plans to work with the team “intensely in the next days, weeks and months to educate them on the problematic actions and to help them identify appropriate, healthy activities in which they can bond.” the Daily Mail reported.