CoroWare, Inc. subsidiary, CoroWare Technologies, introduced a new compact and inexpensive laser range finder today, available as a standalone unit or as a component option on the Company’s Corobot- and Explorer-brand robotics systems.

Capable of scanning at 10Hz out to 18 feet, this module significantly enhances the robots’ effective situational awareness capabilities and, if purchased as a robot option, comes preloaded with drivers and ready to go.

Dan Kara, the President of Robotics Trends – an influential publisher and organizer in the robotics community – is known for his expert analysis throughout the industry, and commented on advances in miniaturization and the declining costs of laser range finders, noting how this was making the technology more and more appropriate for smaller robotics systems.

Kara pointed out that the addition of the new range finder on CoroWare’s CoroBot and Explorer platforms greatly increases both the number and range of applications for which the bots are suited.

Immensely improving the remote presence, inspection, research, individual, and swarm behavioral capabilities of the CoroBot and Explorer platforms, this new range finder enables Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM; a kind of continuous, real-time environment mapping system), and Monte Carlo localization (MCL; a redundant positional awareness system).

This range finder is the newest in a string of growth initiatives undertaken by CoroWare’s Robotics and Automation group, and the Company also offers a differential-drive option for the robot base component, as well as better sensors and motors.

CEO of CoroWare Lloyd Spencer noted the importance of feedback from the customer base and constant R&D to expand the range of products being offered, pointing out how the Robotics and Automation group obtained 11% increased sales in 09 due in large part to “keeping close watch on customer demand”.

The Redmond, WA-based CoroWare has an impressive track record in mobile robotics and tremendous telepresence as a solutions integrator. Whether a client needs a custom robotics system for specs they already have, or needs help developing specs for a unique solution, CoroWare engineers have the range of expertise to assemble or custom-build the component architecture of the system to meet the specific needs of the project.

With expertise in a variety of embedded systems, communication protocols and controllers, as well as physical simulation capability using the most sophisticated software suites available, CoroWare has the tools and the talent combined with management expertise that can keep the project workflow laser-focused until completion.