Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker wants Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers to go out to dinner - or any meal of the day, for that matter - with him.

There have been numerous attempts to connect Robin and I ... connect us not necessarily romantically, but connect us to even get together, Cory Booker said when asked by After Buzz TV's Gianna Miceli if there were ever any efforts to pair him up with Robin Quivers. I'm a big admirer of hers and I'm hoping that she and I at one point can meet.

I'm hoping that Robin will come to Newark and maybe have dinner with me or lunch with me or breakfast with me, so if this is an opportunity for me to give a message to Robin ... please, make sure Robin understands. I'm looking for her to come to Newark and hang out.

Quivers has yet to respond to Booker's request.

Booker made the comments about Robin Quivers during the red carpet event in Newark for the debut of the America's Got Talent live show. Quivers' boss, Howard Stern, is one of three judges on the NBC talent program along with Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

Howard Stern caught up with Booker on the red carpet and commended him, alluding to the Newark mayor's rescue of a woman from a burning building earlier this year.

May I say, sir, that you are a superhero, Stern told the mayor during the red carpet event before turning to the press. This is a hero, this is a man who rescued people out of burning buildings and cars. If more people in government were like this man, who actually risked his life, we'd be somewhere.

Stern then asked Booker when is he going to run for president and when are we getting out of this nonsense?