The author of the recently-released “Magicians Of The Gods,” Graham Hancock, believes that a destroying comet would hit Earth within the next two decades. The best-selling author further said that the impact of the hit will bring everything to an end.

Hancock said that the comet crash will result in a “cosmic explosion” with an intensity even higher than the detonation of every nuclear weapon that exists on Earth. Hancock says that the highly advanced civilization that existed during the last Ice Age was wiped off nearly 12,800 years ago due to the impact of the comet. Hancock further claims that he has enough of the archaeological evidence to prove it.

According to Hancock, several developed civilizations in the past feared the destruction of the Earth because of a collision with the remnants of the comet. The author of the 1995's magnum opus, “Fingerprints of the Gods,” claimed that this event has not been recorded in any religious takes or biblical records, however, there are oral tales described by several communities that suggest a similar doom.

In his book, the controversial author has explained that some of the communities eventually survived the doom and later became known as “the Sages' or 'the Magicians.” Such survivors travelled across the world and settled at key locations, trying to keep the human civilization alive. Everywhere they went, they had a memory of the lost harmony between the humans and the universe that led to the massive destruction.

“These Magicians soothsayers left a message for us – not a metaphorical, spiritual message, but a direct and urgent warning. What happened before can happen again. What destroyed their world can destroy ours,” said Hancock, in an interview.

Earlier in an interview with the BBC, Hancock said that his overview of the history has not gathered a huge number of admirers since “it does not project a happy future for our planet.”